Three photos of people at Torfaen Pride 2024
The organisers for Torfaen Pride 2024 have announced the date for 2025 Credit: Jessie Shedden

Organisers of Torfaen’s first Pride have announced the date for the 2025 event.

Pontypool Park was busy with a packed afternoon of entertainment for

Jamies Wake, from Club F.O.D, who organised the event said he had people coming up to him that he didn’t know to shake his hand and say thanks.

He told Cwmbran Life: “It’s important to happen and I’m pleased we’ve got here. I’m a bit shell-shocked to how people came out because I thought we would be four people in a park on a rug because it’s a first and it’s Torfaen.”

He thanked all the volunteers for their special role of going out and saying “hello” to everyone at the event as it can “literally save a life”.

Thanks to Jessie Shedden for the main photo in this article and this selection of photos she allowed Cwmbran Life to publish on Facebook.

Video: Jamie Wake, event organiser of Torfaen Pride 2024

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