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Panto review: Beauty and the Beast by Lilly, a year six pupil at Woodlands Community Primary School

A year six class at Woodlands Community Primary School in Cwmbran went on a trip to watch Beauty and the Beast at The Riverfront in Newport. Pupil Lilly Bentley wrote this review for Cwmbran Life.

What is the pantomime about?

It was so interesting I could barely take my eyes off the stage. The pantomime was about a little boy that was the young King, but refused to help an old lady in need- the lady then turned into a villain- the witch. The witch cursed him and no one had seen him since that night. The story led from there with absolutely amazing dancing and many more acts that were very funny. Each and everyone one of them stood out.

Who would the pantomime be suitable for? 

Anyone really! It’s child friendly and people who like to have a good laugh -this pantomime would be perfect for you! If you like perfection this would be a perfect treat and visit for you.

What was your favourite scene or song? Why?

I loved all of the songs and scenes. They turned the songs into real life stories, and the songs were sung perfectly, and so were the scenery.

This is probably the best acting I’ve ever seen in any pantomime.

a school class sat in the theatre
Mrs Cooper’s year six class at The Riverfront

Who was your favourite character? Why? 

Mickey and Molly were so funny and Mickey even gave me a ball to throw in the box and kept smiling the whole way through.

What would you suggest audiences take with them to have the best experience?

Everything you need is right in front of you, but I suggest you take a treats to fully enjoy this beautiful act.

Three words to describe the pantomime

  • Perfect
  • Funny
  • Fascinating

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Panto review: Beauty and the Beast by Lilly, a year six pupil at Woodlands Community Primary School

poster for beauty and the beast
Image- Newport Live