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Cwmbran pet crematorium allowed to operate for further three years

A pet crematorium in Cwmbran has been given planning permission to be allowed to operate for a further three years.

Pets @ Rest at 6 Forgehammer Industrial Estate was given planning permission in December 2020 for three years. Now the applicant, Ken Dowding, has successfully applied to be allowed to carry out the service from the unit for a further three years.

The business can only use the ‘Addfield PETCREM 200 Pet Cremation Machine’. The application includes a document from Addfield confirming that its machine meets all the relevant environmental conditions and regulations.

There were two objections to the application. One objector said that during “stormy weather” the “fumes and smoke” blow towards the houses near the industrial estate and added: “It really is an unpleasant experience to smell burning animal fur and/or burning flesh.” Another objection said that other crematoriums in Gwent are not situated near residential or industrial areas.

An officers’ report said the location of the unit met the planning policy about the location of “waste facilities”. The environmental health officer was satisfied with the report into potential “odour” which said:  “The potential sources of odour would result from the storage of the carcasses and odour related to the incineration.

“The applicant has confirmed that the storage, preparation and activities take place within the building.” The report added that information from the manufacturer said there wouldn’t be any odour from the incinerator.

Permission has been given with several conditions including a maximum of 60 cremations per week and these can’t take place outside the hours of 7am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. The owner must keep records of all cremations and this document must be available for inspection by council officers.


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Cwmbran pet crematorium allowed to operate for further three years

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Pets @ Rest on Forgehammer Industrial Estate in Cwmbran