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David Bolton is standing in the Llantarnam Ward election as a Welsh Labour candidate. Read why he thinks you should vote for him on Thursday 2 February

David Bolton is standing for Welsh Labour and here he writes why he thinks you should vote for him in the Llantarnam Ward election taking place this Thursday.

“I live in the Llantarnam Ward, I’ve brought my family up here and I care about the people and community of Llantarnam. I’ve always tried to do the best for where I live and have volunteered and contributed for the people of this community.  I want to do all I can to support them and help to make things better for where we live.

“I really believe that Llantarnam would be best served by electing a Labour Councillor – someone who will work as part of a wider team to support people, be an effective voice for you at council level and working to attract opportunities and investment into our area.

“I’ve been a volunteer for well over a decade Llantarnam – litter-picking; improving Oakfield Flower Gardens with tree planting, encouraging pollinators, and renovating the planters; helping to hold Family events in the park, even donning my Santa costume for Christmas events in Oakfield Community Centre and in the Flower Gardens.

“For most of my life I’ve worked in Social Housing – helping people, improving homes and, for the last 10 years, making homes more energy efficient, helping families to avoid the worst impacts of the cost-of-living crisis and reducing the impact on our environment.

“I led one of the largest domestic energy efficiency projects that has been delivered in Wales – not only reducing energy bills for people, but making sure that the work went to Welsh companies and that local people had the opportunity for local training and employment opportunities that made a massive difference to their lives. I want to take this experience to directly help the people of Llantarnam as your councillor.

“Please, try not to listen to those that tell you that a local Labour councillor cannot make a difference for Llantarnam. I can make a difference and I will. As your councillor, I will make sure that the views, needs and aspirations of our community are represented at a County and higher level.

“Welsh Labour councillors have led the way in paying discretionary housing payments to help local people in need, invested in local foodbanks and community centres up and down the Borough through regular FareShare Cymru deliveries, and paid out support money to people in need including direct payments to children entitled to free school meals. I’ll work with my Welsh Labour colleagues, and the leadership of the council to ensure that Llantarnam has its voice heard and the representation it deserves.

“I hope this doesn’t come across as a polished political answer, because I’m not that. I’m looking to provide the best service to the communities of Llantarnam and Torfaen, to support you and your family with any issues you have and make a difference. I’m not someone who has developed an interest in Llantarnam since the by-election was called, I’ve worked in this community for many years. As your Councillor, I’ll do more.”

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David Bolton is standing in the Llantarnam Ward election as a Welsh Labour candidate. Read why he thinks you should vote for him on Thursday 2 February

David Bolton
David Bolton