The 12.30am Cardiff to Cwmbran train gets in at 1.10am. This morning we were heading home after the Wales Blog Awards (I promise I will only mention them once more on here today 🙂 ) 

Our train was a bit delayed so we didn’t see the ‘Alight here for Cwmbran Shopping’ sign until 1.20am. If you arrive in a town for the first time at this hour the best way to find out what it is like is to ask a taxi driver. I mentioned the awards and asked him if he could tell me what he thinks of Cwmbran as a late night taxi driver. He first told me he lives in Newport but works for a Cwmbran taxi firm.

“There are nice people. Cwmbran is a very nice place to work. I don’t want to rush. There is not much traffic here. That’s why I say it’s a ‘chill out town’. After midnight there are no pubs or clubs or nothing.”

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