Katie Gibbs spotted this in St Dials

A Cwmbran historian writes about the remains of a building recently found in St Dials

A photo posted by a Cwmbran Life reader has led to an investigation by a historian from Cwmbran. Katie Gibbs shared this photo above and asked: “Can anyone tell me what this used to be please. It’s over one of the police college fields. It looks like an old bridge and it’s got a little stream going underneath it. It’s like a bashed down old house by it?”

Tiffins Indian buffet restaurant in Cwmbran

VIDEO: Tiffins in Cwmbran has made over 400 donations to help local causes in the last year. FOUR HUNDRED!

Tiffins in Cwmbran opened on 1 December 2008 and has supported 100s of local groups by donating free meals for raffles and paying sponsorship. In the last year he estimates the restaurant has made over 400 donations. Watch the restaurant manager Iqbal Meah explain how and why in this video.