Vicky Stamper

Vicky was asked to answer this question- You should vote for me in the Two Locks election because– and this is her answer.

I am Vicky Stamper standing in Two Locks, Cwmbran for the Freedom Alliance.

We are standing for

  • Abolishing council tax.
  • Protecting female safe spaces.
  • Safeguarding UK independance.
  • Medical and financial freedom for everyone.
  • Supporting small businesses.
  • Stopping inflation.

As a party, we formed just over a year ago in response to the governments draconian policies in dealing with the pandemic. Our manifesto is here if you want to know more about our policies.

I have lived in Wales for 4 years now. I have one teenage son. I am currently a lorry driver but has done various jobs over the years. She has a honest, no frills personality and feels strongly that local communities know what is best for themselves. She is making no promises other than to do her best to help the people of Two Locks.

If i am elected i will do what my constituants tell me to do. I will open all council decisions to the people of Two Locks and act according to their instructions. I am keen to improve facilities for children/youths in Two Locks.

My personal slogan is..
Stamping the bollocks out of politics!

The biggest talking points on the doorstep for her has been the cost of living crisis and a general “What’s the point off voting when they are all corrupt” response. I believe my policies will correct both these issues.

We are an entirely volunteer party composed of regular people and are all new to politics. Please get back to me if you require more information.

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