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‘Trip hazard’ spotted in Cwmbran playground

The surface around a children’s roundabout in a Cwmbran playground will be replaced after a ‘trip hazard’ was spotted.

Henllys Community Council met on 10 January 2022. Councillors were told that the surface around the blue and yellow roundabout in Dorallt Park is a “trip hazard &  needs replacement.” Adrian Isaacs, clerk to the council, told Cwmbran Life that the surface was “starting to curl up in places.”

Councillors approved £2,530 + VAT for the work to be done. The report warned that: “Due to the age of the roundabout, when removed it is likely that other issues will be  identified.”

A children's play park
Dorallt Park in Henllys


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‘Trip hazard’ spotted in Cwmbran playground

A children's roundabout
Henllys Park