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‘They just don’t care, they’re feral’: Teenagers swear and shout abuse in Cwmbran play park

Residents living near a children’s play park in Cwmbran say it’s being used by “feral” teenagers who swear and shout abuse if challenged about their behaviour.

The park is next to the playing field at Blenheim Road Community Primary School and features two sets of swings and a climbing frame made of large boulders.

Karen Addyman has made several calls to the police. Her house overlooks the site. She said the park was built about two years ago: “We’ve had nothing but problems since. It’s like Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds come around about 5.30pm/ 6pm. They all start piling up on there (the climbing frame) and they are shouting abuse.

“With summer holidays coming I can just see it getting worse if nothing is done about it.

“They keep throwing these swings over the bars so the little ones it was designed for can’t use them. There was a child here once, wanting to go on the swing, and the kids stood there laughing at him because he was crying.”

In recent months, someone has kicked a hole in her fence and eggs have been thrown at her house, nearly going through an open window where her five-week-old granddaughter was sleeping. She said: “If that had gone through the window, God knows what would have happened. And they just don’t care, they’re feral.

“We’ve lived here 33 years in relative peace until this.”

She feels the park should be moved to stop the problem.

Councillors call for meeting

Cllr Catherine Bonera, councillor for St Dials, said: “Cllr Haynes and I have received many, many complaints regarding ASB at Blenheim Park. I have spoken to several residents and visited the park. The behaviour and the damage caused by the youths is totally unacceptable. The issue needs addressing as a priority, which is why I requested an all-partners meeting, including residents, for as soon as possible.

“We are in the process of finding a date that is suitable for all, to be able to attend so that we can discuss what can be done going forward.

“We fully support our residents in finding a solution for this nightmare and will continue to do everything we can to help.”

‘ASB is unacceptable’

Inspector Lee Stachow, from Gwent Police, said: ” said: “We’ve received several reports of criminal damage and anti-social behaviour in the St Dials’ area of Cwmbran.

“Our Neighbourhood Community Support Officers (CSOs) and Ward Officers continue to patrol the area – if you see them on their patrols, please stop and talk to them if you have any concerns or if you have information about the damage caused.

“Anti-social behaviour and associated disorder is completely unacceptable.

“It can have a negative impact on the quality of life of our communities and it won’t be tolerated in Gwent.”

a play park including swings and large blocks to climb on

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‘They just don’t care, they’re feral’: Teenagers swear and shout abuse in Cwmbran play park

a play park including swings and large blocks to climb on
The play park in St Dials