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‘The students have become the teachers’: Coleg Gwent team compete on Greg James’ Radio 1 quiz

Angharad, Aimee, Eve, and Sam sat on chairs
(l to r) Angharad, Aimee, Eve, and Sam in The Learning Zone in Cwmbran

Two students and two lecturers from Coleg Gwent’s Cwmbran campus took part in a BBC Radio 1 quiz last week with host Greg James.

The four formed a team but competed daily as individuals where they were asked questions about current stories in the news.

Students Aimee Pask and Eve Jenkins needed two teammates so asked Angharad Heath-Williams who teaches media and film, and Sam Warr who teaches photography, to join them.

Aimee told Cwmbran Life: “It came about when Eve FaceTimed me one night and said ‘we should go on Radio 1’ so I was like ‘haha yeah right OK’ and then she went to find Greg James’ email on the internet and emailed him.

“We didn’t hear from them so we thought ‘oh well’ until one of the producers rang Eve and asked her if we were interested and to tell her about ourselves and she’d get back to us.

“She rang her an hour later to tell us we’d been selected as last week’s team. We told her we were a group of students and lecturers from a college in south Wales and they loved it. Sam also thought it was a local radio station until after he said ‘yes’ and we were like ‘no Sam it’s BBC Radio 1.’

“We had to answer questions on pop culture that had happened the day before. The two people with the highest scores then went head to head on Friday.

“There’s no prize other than bragging rights and you get to pick a song for Greg to play on the radio.”

Sam scored six points and Angharad scored 13. Aimed came top with 15 and Eve was second with 14. The pair then went head-to-head last Friday.

Aimee said Eve jokingly told her to “shut up’ on air and this led to Greg calling off the quiz and calling them both winners: “Greg cancelled the quiz because he said he loved us too much so played both of our songs.

“We were on there for 20 minutes which was way over what usually happens. Greg had us on after the news as well and said loads of people texted in about us. Someone said they had to pull over on the way to work because we made them laugh so much. Someone else texted in to say we should have our own BBC Sounds show. It was an amazing experience and we were so thankful Greg liked us so much.”

Greg said: “You have prevailed over your teachers, as one of the lecturers said this week’ the students have become the teachers’. It’s been a brilliant week. We’ve loved having you on. It’s a great idea to have students versus teachers.  I’m glad that the teachers were up for it.’

Greg played Oh Caroline by The 1975 for Aimee and Blind Faith by Chase and Status for Eve.

Scroll to 15 min 30 seconds of Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James from Friday, December 8 to hear Eve and Aimee in the final.



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‘The students have become the teachers’: Coleg Gwent team compete on Greg James’ Radio 1 quiz