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Possible changes to Christmas tree ceremony in Pontnewydd following traffic concerns

Community councillors in Cwmbran may make changes to their Christmas Tree ceremony in Pontnewydd following traffic concerns.

Cwmbran Community Council’s events and community projects committee met last night (Monday 8 January).

The council paid for two trees, one outside the council office in Old Cwmbran and one in Pontnewydd. They held a ceremony at each one where the lights were switched on and local residents gathered for a service.

Councillors were told that there had been a tree and ceremony by the Ladywell Sheltered Housing Scheme on the junction of Commercial Street and Richmond Road in Pontnewydd for about “19 years”.

In a review of the Pontnewydd event that was held on Wednesday 29 November, they discussed the large amount of traffic that passed the crowd of around “40-50″ people on the pavement.

Cllr Chris Morgan, Lowlands and Avondale Ward, said that there was a traffic incident on the nearby A4042 and cars were diverted through the village next to the location of the tree lighting ceremony.

Councillor Kebba Manneh, St Dials Ward, said: “The turnout was good and the singing was good. Are there any alternative venues, a nearby church?”

Councillor Susan Morgan, Lowlands and Avondale Ward, said they could involve the county council’s traffic team in this year’s risk assessment.

Cllr Bill Walker, Llantarnam Ward, said: “You’ll never see traffic like that again” in Pontnewydd Village and said the large increase during the event was only because of the incident on the A4042.

Cllr Julian Davenne, Fairwater and Oaksford Ward and vice chair of the committee, said they needed a “tighter risk assessment” and “cater for the worst scenario”.

Cllr Stuart Ashley, Mount Pleasant Ward, said there were other areas in Pontnewydd including Brooklands Park, Mount Pleasant and the Cenotaph that could be used. And he added that they could ask Pontnewydd residents.

Cllr Leanne Lloyd-Tolman, Upper Cwmbran and Thornhill Ward, asked why Pontnewydd was the only ward to get a tree paid for by the community council. She suggested that funding could be redirected to local groups to put trees in other wards.

Cllr Davenne said that the sub-committee would investigate Cllr Lloyd-Tolman’s suggestion while addressing the other concerns raised at the meeting.



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Possible changes to Christmas tree ceremony in Pontnewydd following traffic concerns

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