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New speed limit signs start to appear in Cwmbran

Signs have started to appear in Cwmbran in readiness for the new 20mph speed limit in built-up areas

two 30mph road signs
Signs tell drivers exiting Willins in Coed Eva that they are entering a stretch of Henllys Way that will remain at 30mph (Photo: Cwmbran Life)

The default speed limit in built-up areas in Wales will reduce from 30mph to 20mph on 17 September 2023.  These include roads where street lights are placed no more than 200 yards apart.

Any 20mph signs are currently covered with a black plastic sheet. Torfaen Council said earlier this month that Cwmbran would be the first area in Torfaen for the signs to appear.

two road signs covered in black plastic
The 20mph signs at the entrance to Willins are covered up (Photo: Cwmbran Life)

Work on routes in Pontypool, Blaenavon and Ponthir will start in mid-August and be completed by 17 September. The scheme is being paid for by the Welsh Government.

36 roads will remain at 30mph for 18 months while review is carried out

The council has applied to Welsh Government for 36 roads to be exceptions which will remain at 30mph for 18 months while a review is carried out.

A council spokesperson said: “The Welsh Government is introducing the legislation to make roads safer, reduce road collisions, encourage more people to walk and cycle, to improve health and wellbeing and to safeguard the environment for future generations.

“It’s estimated travelling at 20mph will add just one minute per mile to car journeys. If you would like information about replacing short car journeys with walking or cycling, visit the active travel information on our website.”

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New speed limit signs start to appear in Cwmbran

two road signs covered in black plastic
20mph signs on Henllys Way (covered up before the new limit was introduced) Credit: Cwmbran Life