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John Hunt is standing in the Blaenavon Ward county council election as a Labour Party candidate. Read why John thinks you should vote for him on 5 May

John Hunt
John Hunt

John Hunt was asked to answer this question- You should vote for me in the Blaenavon Ward election because– and this is his answer.

I’m a new voice with new ideas: I’ve not sat on council before but am part of a strong team of three united Labour candidates (with Liam and Lewis). A new voice can bring fresh ideas and thinking to council, with ears, to pick-up your concerns and ensure they are taken-on. All that I do, I do as a passionate optimist-volunteer for no personal gain or self-interest. Our Blaenavon civic motto is, “Hope is not broken”. Returning home to Wales with my disability, I myself was broken, but with the warmth and embrace of a Blaenavon heart, I have been given the chance to be involved, to feel useful and no longer ‘broken’. The hope that our community has given me drives me to give back more, as much as I can, to our community. This is why I want to serve you as your elected member. I hope and think my record shows I’ve been effective as a community volunteer / activist, and I have:

  • Set up a new disability and family support group for those using mobility wheels (Blaenavon Wheelers).
  • Established a food-share (‘surplus for a purpose’) cooperation between the Co-op, Bethlehem Community and Chapel, and the Hwb.
  • Consistently supported and been a director and volunteer at the Workmen’s Hall cinema.
  • Co-organised the Blaenavon Wales film festival; helped Blaenavon organise the annual Dance on the Mountain festival.
  • Been appointed by the Welsh Govt. to the ABUHB Community Health Council, speaking for Torfaen.
  • Been a Blaenavon covid relief volunteer, delivering essentials to doorsteps during lockdown.
  • Helped secure a legal victory over UK supermarkets opening priority online shopping slots to vulnerable residents in Blaenavon.
  • Set up a green recycling community team (Blaenavon Greenteam).
  • Been serving as a Torfaen climate change ambassador, and created the highest-in-Wales live weather station and live-action weather cam south of Snowdon.

Please vote for a Labour team: life is difficult for all of us right now. Many folk rely on social services and community support systems. Having a stroke when a 42 year old marathon-runner, my lived experience with disability and heath conditions means that I relate to these struggles and have helped support many locally navigate the complexity of these systems. A local community church leader in Blaenavon has said:

”John is dedicated to supporting the community. Especially those disadvantaged and struggling. He relates to everyone with empathy and understanding and makes time for anyone needing a listening ear.“

I was awarded the community’s 2022 civic award for overcoming adversity: the award citation highlighted that in Blaenavon:

“John tirelessly devotes his time and energy volunteering with, and supporting numerous community groups and activities.”
“John responds to the severe obstacles of disablement by demonstrating the drive, desire and commitment to help, support and encourage others in his community.”
“Every Wednesday evening at 9pm, John’s mobility scooter is parked outside Blaenavon Coop, all weather, snow, rain, etc., while he is inside collecting the surplus food which he helps distribute at Bethlehem Chapel early the following morning for the local Foodshare.”

My local priorities are supporting the sharing, recycling and re-use culture of Blaenavon, working for safer cleaner streets, improving access to the countryside and education and health services for all.

I am a committed member of our Blaenavon Labour team: we are all here to serve the community effectively encouraging others to action. Please vote for Liam, Lewis and me, bringing back Labour for Blaenavon and working together to make a team of local voices central to decision making.

Click here to read a full list of all the candidates standing in the Torfaen County Borough Council elections on Thursday 5 May 2022.

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John Hunt is standing in the Blaenavon Ward county council election as a Labour Party candidate. Read why John thinks you should vote for him on 5 May

John Hunt
John Hunt