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Jason O’Connell is standing in the Greenmeadow Ward county council election as an Independent candidate. Read why Jason thinks you should vote for him on 5 May

Jason O’Connell
Jason O’Connell

Jason was asked to answer this question- You should vote for me in the Greenmeadow Ward election because- and this is his answer.

You should vote for me in the GREENMEADOW election because..

First and foremost, I say what I’ll do, and I do what I say.

I’ve spent the last 5 years as one of Greenmeadow’s representatives at Council, and I can say with absolute certainty that I was the only one that voted for the residents of Greenmeadow & not told how to vote against the best interests of the very residents that elected us in the first place.

I am recorded as voting consistently against annual tax rises, for improvements to education, for increased road safety at local schools, and much more that perhaps residents don’t get to see day to day in their busy lives. All these votes are recorded & on record.

In 2017, I put out a very clear statement on what I wanted to achieve over my 5 years, and I achieved so much during that time. I communicate regularly through my Councillor page: and have kept people that may not have web access, informed through hard copy newsletters, where I continued to track the pledges made in the election. I wanted to ensure that I was not someone who just pops up at election time, and it is through these publications that I have achieved this aim.

The fact that I work for the people of Greenmeadow has never been lost on me, and I have made a series of pledges for this election to the people of Greenmeadow, to be delivered in the next term, if elected.

  • I will not vote for a Council Tax rise, if all other reasonable avenues have not been exhausted.
  • I will seek funding and investment to renovate an area of Greenmeadow known as Pixie Park (Opposite the Community Farm) and work with local youth groups to deliver it
  • I will work to install dog waste bag dispensers at key dog walking spots around Greenmeadow- funded through the Councillor Allowance
  • I will work to ensure that waste collections are returned to health with improved post collection hygiene and request published metrics to track performance
  • I will continue to offer community events; toy donations at Christmas, chocolate boxes, Easter Eggs, Chippy Dinners, Lamp Post Poppies and much more.

These pledges keep me accountable, can be tracked & measured and is my contract with the voters that I hope will place their trust in me on May 5th.

I am of course, a realist. I know that I am the underdog in this election. I am running in a heavy Labour safe seat against a party that is able to send swathes of people, AM’s, MP’s etc to swarm the area on command as they have done several times. It is only with your support that I can topple the massive Labour election machine as it steamrolls through Greenmeadow as it has been over the last few weeks.

When these folk knock your door, ask them some basic questions:

Ask them, what are their specific plans for Greenmeadow?

Ask them if they will take more money away from families this term across the ward through annual tax rises.

Ask them if they voted for or against road safety measures outside a school where a child was knocked over by a car.

Win, lose or draw on May 5th, I am proud of my work over the last 5 years. The warm words of support I’ve received while acting as Greenmeadow’s representative has been a source of profound joy to say the least. It has been an honour and one I would like to continue.

I am asking for your support, and your families support to elect a representative that cares more about the communities interests, than a political party’s interests.

Vote for Jason O’Connell this May 5th.

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Jason O’Connell is standing in the Greenmeadow Ward county council election as an Independent candidate. Read why Jason thinks you should vote for him on 5 May

Jason O’Connell
Jason O’Connell