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Hackney taxi fares could rise by ‘around 20%’ in Torfaen

Hackney taxi drivers in Torfaen have asked the council to look at their proposal to raise fares due to ‘cost of living’ and an ‘increase in fuel prices’.

These taxis can park at ranks and be hailed down on the street without pre-booking. They are black and have yellow door signs and plates. The last meter price in 2018 was the first in ten years.  Drivers can only charge the meter price or less.

A hackney taxi driver emailed the council on 7 July to ask for an increase and a group of drivers met with the council on 2 August. A report has been prepared for the general licensing to discuss today at 2pm.

The report says: “The proposal seeks to achieve the increase in the cost of a journey by increasing the fixed cost applied at the start and by reducing the number of yards between “trips” on the meter. The proposal also seeks to increase the costs associated with ‘waiting time’.”

Tariff 2 affects journeys that start between midnight – 6am. This tariff can also be doubled on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve (6pm– midnight), New Years Day, Easter Monday, spring bank holiday, summer bank holiday and other bank holidays declared by Parliament or the Welsh Government.

“Currently, the cost for a two mile journey in Torfaen is £5.50 for a day time Tariff 1 journey. The increase as requested by the trade would see the fare for a two mile journey increase to £6.60.  The cost of a two mile journey in Torfaen for Tariff 2 is currently £6.65. The increase requested by the trade would see the fare for a two mile journey increase to £7.95.”

The report includes data on fuel prices showing that since December 2018, unleaded petrol prices have increased by 39% and diesel prices have increased by 38%.

Drivers can currently charge 15p for every 30 seconds they wait for customers, the proposal is to increase this to 30p. The price for an animal at the driver’s discretion could increase for from £1 to £2 but guide, hearing and other assistance dogs will continue to be free.

If the proposal goes to the next stage it will go out for public consultation for 14 days. If the fare increases are approved it sets the maximum drivers can charge, passengers can continue to agree fares for pre-booked journeys as long as they are lower than the adopted fares.

How the increase could affect fares in Torfaen

taxi fares in torfaen
A table showing the current fares and the new fares if approved



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Hackney taxi fares could rise by ‘around 20%’ in Torfaen

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