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Fundraiser launched to save Cwmbran church from closure

A fundraiser has been launched to save a Cwmbran church threatened with closure.

Upper Cwmbran Methodist Church is in The Square in Upper Cwmbran. It’s part of the Gwent Hills and Vales Circuit of churches. The congregation must pay almost £7,000 for support and services from the group plus energy bills for the church. They have set up this GoFundMe page and appealed for support.

Carole Welsby, church steward, said: “We’ve got a crucial meeting now on October 19th and that’s the final thing then. If we can’t find £6,897 a year and that doesn’t include our bills as well you know, gas and electric, that’s it. If we can’t get that, well we’re going to have to close sadly. We need more help to be honest. But even though we’re a small congregation, we all regard ourselves as good friends. If we’re split up, it will be heartbreaking to be quite honest.”

Jackie Poole, senior steward, said: “We just can’t meet all the bills and what have you that has been thrust upon us. We’ve had Saturday afternoon teas, Carole’s does a GoFundMe page and people have been very kind and they’ve been supportive but we don’t think it’ll be enough.”

A service is held every Sunday at 6pm but this moves to 4pm during winter. Click here to support the fundraiser and make a donation.

VIDEO- Jackie and Carole talk about the fundraiser

a church
Upper Cwmbran Methodist Church (photo: Cwmbran Life)

Map to show location of Upper Cwmbran Methodist Church


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Fundraiser launched to save Cwmbran church from closure

a group of people sat inside a church
Some of the congregation at Upper Cwmbran Methodist Church (photo: Cwmbran Life)