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‘Dog Hotel’ gets planning permission in Cwmbran

a dog on a lead walking towards the camera
(Photo: Cwmbran Life)

Planning permission has been granted for a ‘dog hotel’ in Cwmbran.

The popular Cwtch Animal Homestay on Pentre Lane in Henllys is adding the overnight service to its dog adventure park that opened in October 2021. Owners pay to book an exclusive slot for their dog to run around a large field and enjoy playing on toys including climbing frames and slides.

When the council approved that application in July 2021 it included plans for a building where owners could drop their dogs off for the day. This new application from the owners says that was never built. They now plan to build a smaller building at the same location- ’23m deep by 12m wide with a height of 3m’ but use it as kennels.

A report from the council says: “This current proposal seeks to change the approved new building to a smaller structure for provision of kennels (dog hotel) instead of day care. The building would have the same siting, width, height and materials but would be half the length.”

It adds: “The physical works now proposed are reduced from that consented and there is no objection. The primary change appears to be the introduction of dogs at the site overnight.”

A drawing of the ‘hotel’ shows it includes an 82 square metre “indoor play area” for the dogs.

There was one objection to the proposal that raised concerns about noise from barking dogs and extra traffic on Pentre Lane. The report says that the noise is not an issue because of the distance between the ‘dog hotel’ and the nearest houses.

The ‘hotel’ will have space for 30 dogs from 12 households.

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‘Dog Hotel’ gets planning permission in Cwmbran