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Date for 2024 Cwmbran Big Event announced: More staff needed for next event

The main stage at last year's Cwmbran Big Event
The main stage at the 2013 Cwmbran Big Event (Photo: Torfaen Councl)

Councillors at Cwmbran Community Council discussed the 2023 Big Event this week and what lessons could be learned ready for next year.

The events and community projects committee met on Monday evening to hear a report from Stephanie Kopek, the events and outreach officer. She said they “were pleased with how the day went.” The event was staffed by ten paid stewards, seven Cwmbran Community Council staff and three volunteers. But it was felt five more stewards would help “free us up to talk to people on the day. We didn’t have much of an opportunity to talk to residents.” There was lots of positive feedback on the range of free things for children but next year they’re going to look at using more space beyond the playpark area to provide additional activities.

Bins and litter

Councillors heard the bins on the site were “overflowing almost immediately” so next year they will get quotes for larger bins or possibly a skip. Recycling facilities were available on the main field but in 2024 they want to see if the refuse company they choose to clear the site can also separate all waste to be recycled. Ms Kopek thanked the Eco Warriors of Bran who sent volunteers within 20 minutes after the council sent a text message. Young volunteers from the Torfaen Hwb were also thanked for their “amazing” help with clearing litter.


Councillors agreed the budget should be increased to £30,000 after being at £25,000 for the “last couple of years”. This year’s event generated an income of £5,587 and cost £27,738

The 2024 event will be held on Saturday 8 June.





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Date for 2024 Cwmbran Big Event announced: More staff needed for next event