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Celebrity chefs back recipe book created by pupils at Cwmbran High School’s autism base

Two pupils holding the cook book with two staff members
Matthew Cook, head of school and Esther Nicolaou, manager of the Autism Base with two pupils holding their book

Pupils from the autism base at Cwmbran High School have published a book packed with recipes that they have enjoyed cooking during lockdown.

The launch of the book today (2 April) coincides with World Autism Awareness Day.

Esther Nicolaou, manager of the base, said: “As we are all aware lockdown has been a challenge but for our students the changes that it has enforced have been really difficult for them to deal with. During lockdown as well as doing their online lessons the students have used the time at home to practice their life skills.

Page of celebrity endorsements in the cookbook
The book has been endorsed by celebrities from the cooking world

“One of the things they all enjoyed doing was cooking and they regularly sent me photographs of them cooking and enjoying their creations. We decided it would be lovely to share these photos and recipes and, with the support of a very generous parent, we were able to create a cookbook that contains all the students’ lockdown recipes.

“We were really fortunate to have messages of support for our book from many celebrity supporters including Michelin-starred Chef Tom Kerridge.

“The book is now complete and rightly so the students are extremely proud of it. We are hoping we can sell it to raise money to continue to develop the students’ life skills in school. The book will be available to purchase via the ASD Base.”

Buy the book

Contact Cwmbran High School to buy your own copy of Our Lockdown Cookbook. 

The cookbook created by pupils

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Celebrity chefs back recipe book created by pupils at Cwmbran High School’s autism base