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Business spotlight: Meet Gourmet Kitchen from Torfaen 

Markus Cox set up Gourmet Kitchen in 2013. Cwmbran Life is putting the spotlight on independent businesses in and around the area. 

Research by Keeping it Local said when you spend a £1 with a small/medium-sized business around 63p remains in the local economy. Only 40p stays local when you shop with larger businesses. The money you spend locally circulated through local businesses helping them to grown

Every business owner has a story to tell. We spoke to Markus and asked him a few questions. 

What is your business?

We’re a small independent takeaway specialising in gourmet quality burgers, square pizzas and various sides, we started out in Old Cwmbran serving the local community but soon expanded to cover the whole of Torfaen. We’ve since moved to a bigger site central to Torfaen allowing us to cover all NP4 and NP44 postcodes. 

Our customers love our food as it’s all freshly made to order using great ingredients. It does take a little longer to do but the quality is there and our customers love that about us. 

We’ve now got the option for customers to call in and order over the phone, something we’ve never really done before as we’ve always just sold through our website and other ordering platforms.

a burger in a bun
A burger from Gourmet Kitchen

Why did you want to work for yourself?

The main reason is I don’t like working for others. Being autistic and very independent I’ve always had a strong desire to do things my way and have always been focused on that. 

It all started when I worked at Salisbury market selling doughnuts as a kid with a trader. My passion for food started. Then after a few years in catering I moved jobs, started taxi driving then moved to Wales to Cwmbran. Getting good food whilst always being on the road was always a challenge so I decided to get back in to food.

I was fortunate that my old boss on the taxis helped me out and helped me get my first shop, a few years later here we are. 

What are the best things about running a business and what are the challenges? How have you overcome the challenges? 

The best bit is helping people and providing good food. I’ve got a great team and a great partner that’s helped grow the business and now my son is getting involved in his spare time so it’s becoming a great place to work for me. 

It’s been hard though. The risks we’ve had to take and the challenges we’ve faced due to covid and now the cost of living has pushed us to adapt and grow even more. We’re now in the process of growing again and pushing into the wholesale market so we can start supplying other food businesses with some of the unique products we sell ourselves.

two burgers in a bun

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting a business?

Don’t do it unless you’re willing to lose everything. It’s hard work and you’ll feel like it’s not worth it on more than one occasion but if you can work through it and put in the effort you’ll eventually make it. 

After being in business for several years I now understand why so many small businesses fail. It’s mostly down to not knowing how hard it actually is, 

It’s just not easy to make it work and these days it’s even harder for small businesses. It’s mentally draining and physically demanding. If you can survive that you’ll do great, and it’s the best feeling in the world once you get there.

Tell us how customers can contact you? 

You can contact us either via our website to order or give us a call on 01495 982 551. 

If Cwmbran life customers use code CWMBRANLIFE on the website you’ll get 15% off every order for the next eight weeks

Are you an independent business in or around Cwmbran? 

If you want to take part in this series please send an email to [email protected]

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Business spotlight: Meet Gourmet Kitchen from Torfaen 

man and woman in kitchen
Marcus Cox and Emma Law in Gourmet Kitchen