flowers and lantern by a grave
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BURIAL and other cemetery fees in Torfaen have increased this month for the first time in four years. 

According to Torfaen Borough Council figures the cost of it delivering cemetery services more than doubled, from £52,678 in 2021/22, to £116,101 in the financial year that finished in March. 

As a result it is raising fees for all cemetery services and the cost of a grave will increase from £768 to £806, a rise of £38, while the cost of cremated remains is increasing by £19, from £383 to £402.  

Internments will increase by £50 from £1,039 to £1,090 at five foot and by £61, from £1,238 to £1,299, at seven foot. 

A memorial will also increase by £19 to £402. 

The councils says the increase is expected to generate a further £14,150 a year for it and as a result the budgeted cost of delivering the service, including the additional fee income, this financial year is £153,723. 

It says after the increases have been taken into account its fees will still be the second lowest of the five councils in Gwent. 

Fees for burials of people who were living outside of Torfaen in the 12 months prior to the date of their death are doubled unless their grave has been previously purchased, they had moved out of the borough for reasons related to care or support or they, or their surviving spouse or civil partner, is a member of the armed forces. 

Saturday burials are subject to separate approval and incur a 40 per cent surcharge on the standard fee. 

Highways fees, ranging from emergency road closures requested by utilities firms to temporary direction signs, are also all increasing. 

The council says it expects “minimal overall impact” and that a recent review of when a road closure is required will mean less are imposed which will reduce income but minimise disruption and reduce service demand and workload. The council expects the existing fee target to be achieved. 

There is no increase in costs of hiring football, rugby and cricket pitches and other associated fees, such as changing rooms and floodlights, as the the council is currently undertaking a wider review of charges for outdoor facilities. 

The new charges have been introduced from April 1 but will be approved by a formal decision due to be taken on April 19 and formed part of the council’s budget that was approved in February.