Jane Mudd and Gwent Police chief constable Pam Kelly.
Jane Mudd and Gwent Police chief constable Pam Kelly. Credit: LDRS

The new police and crime commissioner for Gwent says she will prioritise youth and social justice when she takes up the role.

Jane Mudd, who is also the leader of Newport City Council, said she was “absolutely delighted” to win the PCC election.

She will replace Jeff Cuthbert, who is retiring after eight years as Gwent’s PCC.

Police and crime commissioners are elected to represent the public on policing matters and hold their local force to account.

Cllr Mudd said she had “made a strong commitment to focusing on young people and supporting young people and victims”.

She said social justice would form one of the pillars of her work as the new PCC for Gwent.

“It’s more than fairness, it really embeds a way of working and making sure that people have opportunities,” she said.

“This role is really important in terms of helping people develop those opportunities.

“If you look at a lot of the schemes that the PCC invests in, it is all about really ensuring that children and young people have opportunities. 

“And through them, I’m sure that we can deliver social justice and fairness.”

The Labour candidate won the Gwent election with 41.19% of the vote, ahead of rivals from the Conservative Party, Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats.

After congratulating her fellow candidates for a “very fair” election, Cllr Mudd told the Local Democracy Reporting Service she wanted to “continue to build public confidence” in Gwent Police.

The force has been rocked by a series of misconduct cases and police watchdog investigations in recent years, and Cllr Mudd said there was “always room for improvement in every aspect of public life”.

PCC elections are contests between political candidates, but in her victory speech at Caerphilly Leisure Centre, Cllr Mudd vowed to work across parties in her new role.

“What I’d say to the citizens of Gwent is that whether you voted for me or not, I will work my hardest for you,” she said, to applause.

Cllr Mudd also made history on Friday, becoming the first-ever female PCC in Wales. Shortly afterwards, Labour candidate Emma Wools was announced as the winner of the PCC vote in the South Wales area, meaning both women achieved the milestone on the same day.

Full results for Gwent:

Jane Mudd, Labour: 28,476 votes.

Hannah Jarvis, Conservative: 21,919 votes.

Donna Cushing, Plaid Cymru: 9,864 votes.

Mike Hamilton, Liberal Democrats: 8,078 votes.

Spoiled ballots: 787.

Turnout: 15.63%