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Cwmbran Catwoman ‘cosplayer’ shares social media tips at Comic Con event

Aimee Pask dressed as catwoman
Photo Steve Spurgin

A Cwmbran social media sensation was a guest at the Portsmouth Comic Con event that attracted over 7,500 fans.

Aimee Pask dressed as catwoman
Aimee Pask dressed as catwoman

Aimee Pask, 17, an A-level student at Coleg Gwent, has been taking part in Cosplaying since February 2021. It involves dressing up as your favourite comic book, TV and film characters.

She has 55,000 followers on TikTok and one of her videos has had over 8.5 millions views. Portsmouth Comic Con organisers asked Aimee to take part in a panel discussion where comic fans were able to have a Q&A with her and other star cosplayers.

Aimee Pask dressed as catwoman
Photo by Lewis Brown

The topics for the panels were ‘How to build a following’ and ‘How to grow on Social media’.

Aimee,  known as @Dwpaimee on all social media, is most well-known for her CatWoman, Spider-Gwen and WonderWoman cosplays.

In the panel, Aimee discussed her first viral video, which reached 8.5 million views on TikTok, and her experiences in Cwmbran High School where she was nicknamed ‘Captain Cwmbran’.

Cwmbran Life asked her what it felt like to be invited as a speaker to this event.

She said: “Honestly, the biggest thing I felt was just shock and an immense amount of gratitude. I still can’t believe that just doing all of this stuff online could lead to anything, let alone be invited to an event and share my experiences. I just feel very privileged with the opportunity to have been able to inspire other people who are like me and who share the same things that I love!”

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Portsmouth Comic Con Event Director, Nick Coles, said: “We have had another fantastic Con! The feedback has been incredible, and we thank all of our community partners who are part of the event and help to create the magical, inclusive atmosphere that Portsmouth Comic Con is renowned for. Work on 2024 has already begun, and we are full of exciting ideas to make next year even more amazing!”

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Cwmbran Catwoman ‘cosplayer’ shares social media tips at Comic Con event