About Cwmbran Life

Cwmbran Life was was launched in 2011 to tell the stories about the people, places and events that make the town a great place to live, visit and work.

It has a thriving Facebook page followed by over 23,900 people who love commenting and sharing on the regular posts. Stories published on Cwmbran Life are sometimes picked up by the media and over the years have gone on to appear in national newspapers and on TV.

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Cwmbran Media Ltd

Cwmbran Life is owned and ‘published’ by Cwmbran Media Ltd, a company incorporated in Wales number-13328647

Wales Media Awards 2019

Cwmbran Life won Blog of The Year at the Wales Media Awards 2019. The judges said:

Cwmbran Life is not just ABOUT local people – it really feels like it is BY local people. Ben places himself slap bang in the centre of the community and his love for telling the stories of local characters and champions shines through. Cwmbran Life is the very essence of a hyperlocal blog. It’s personal, thoughtful and a lovely gentle wander through the local community. You can sense Ben’s passion for his local area as he gets up close and personal with his audience. The number of followers on Facebook is a testimony to Ben Black’s ability to share stories that matter.

Who is behind Cwmbran Life?

Cwmbran Life is run by Ben Black who has lived in the town all of his life apart from a few years living in London.

You can track him down on Instagram, Twitter or pick up the phone and call/ text/ WhatsApp 07728 685 389. 

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Member of the ICNN

Cwmbran Life is a member of the Independent Community News Network

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Comments 10

  1. Michael McCrory says:

    Hi Ben

    I look after the PR for Stena Line and would like to send you on a press release that may (or may not) be of interest.

    Perhaps you could send me on your email address.

    Many thanks.


  2. Nigel Jones says:

    Hi Ben,
    just wanted to wish you every success with your latest ‘ (AD)VENTURE’
    Keep up the ‘good work’ 🙂

  3. Gary says:

    Ben – not sure if your interested, but I have some photos of the old Pleasure Dome nightclub the day it was demolished if you want to use them? Could ignite some old memories of nights out on the town!

    • admin says:

      I would love that Gary 🙂 My email is cwmbranlife (AT) gmail . com Cheers

  4. emma says:

    How old is Cwmbran, as I am doing a project on it.

    • Paul says:

      approx 1962, the chippy and bracci cafe are the still here and david evans at the top.
      Mc donalds was the co-op there was Mc fisheries Dewherst butchers midland bank town stores Gentlemens
      outfitters , much has changed over the years, a lot of shops saddly missed, there was only one hardware store that was were clarcs shoe shop is now, Boots was the 4 trader Mc fisheries and the 2 trader was in north walk now the Charity shop, any one else out there remember any more..if you really go back in time the Band stand in the square was a car park plus the under the square was the club .

      • Lee price says:

        Yes I remember me donalds as texts international supermarket now in shops and wimpy

      • rose says:

        Could you please tell me if there was Jones the butcher there around 1968 please

  5. emma says:

    How old is Cwmbran?